Training & Education

RTAF training in Bondoc Peninsula 2015

RTAF training in Bondoc Peninsula 2015 © Astrud Lea Beringer

FIAN Philippines believes in empowering vulnerable and marginalized groups through education and trainings on human rights and consequently the right to adequate food (RTAF), on genderissues and in documenting RTAF violations. A citizenry that is well-informed and educated on their rights are better able to pressure the government to respect, protect and fulfill the right to adequate food.

Raising the peoples’ awareness on RTAF and the fundamental human rights principles are crucial to prevent violations so that they will be able to assert and defend their right to food. FIAN Philippines strongly believes in the importance of sharing its experiences in the field of human rights with the victims of human rights violations, analyzing together the causes of RTAF violations in order to make the government accountable for its obligations.

Various initiatives are being undertaken to educate communities and lobby the state for the recognition of the people’s right to adequate food. These trainings focus on enhancing partner communities and People Organization’s capabilities to address resource-based conflicts, improve their skills on advocacy, lobby work and documentation, and to increase their knowledge on gender equality, human rights concepts, conflict transformation and policies that affect the marginalized sectors in the Philippines.