CAMPAIGN: Pass the ‘Zero Hunger’ Bill!

An Abel-len boy got his share at a feeding program in a resettlement in Botolan, Zambales © Pat Roque

An Abel-len boy got his share at a feeding program in a resettlement in Botolan, Zambales © Pat Roque

In the Philippines, there is no law which expressly guarantees the right to adequate food for all. Even the Philippine Constitution does not clearly recognize the right to food, although Article 3, Section 1, guarantees the right to life which is the foundation for the right to adequate food. A clear policy framework is required on how to completely address hunger which remains a major issue in the Philippines.

In 2012, the National Food Coalition (NFC), spearheaded by FIAN Philippines, initiated a campaign that pushed for a national framework law on the right to food. Now, in 2015, the proposed bill has gained approval in both the Senate and House of Representatives Committee on Human Rights and is due for second reading. This “Right to Adequate Food (RTAF) Framework Bill”or “Zero Hunger Bill” mandates the government to establish a clear set of policy targets to end hunger in the Philippines within ten years. It makes food not only a matter of charity but a matter of legal entitlement, adopting a comprehensive food program by using a whole-of-government approach. As 37% or an estimated 8.1 million Filipino families consider themselves “food poor,” it is crucial to address hunger and poverty.

The NFC calls on you to support the “Zero Hunger” campaign in the Philippines. Help us to push the Philippine Congress to immediately pass the “Zero Hunger Bill” by signing the petition letter and by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Email with your friends to give it the broadest possible support. If you need more information on the campaign or would like to know more about NFC and the right to food please visit


The NFC is composed of over 75 organizations and federations with more than 10,000 members from the urban poor, peasants, indigenous peoples, fisherfolk and the middle class. The NFC has identified the main drivers of hunger in the country to be poverty, inequality and the resulting failure of the poor to access available resources.

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