Advocacy & Policy Work

Advocacy Policy Work

Save Agrarian Reform Alliance (SARA) rally 2014 © Astrud Lea Beringer

Together with right to food victims and other non-governmental organizations, FIAN Philippines dialogues with appropriate government officials or agencies and participates in other actions to stop or prevent right to food violations. It also joins other organizations in lobbying at the government’s executive, legislative and/or judicial branches to propose or oppose laws, policies or programs that promote or hinder the right to food.

FIAN Philippines supports FIAN International’s participation in the global campaign for the immediate ratification of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Optional Protocol (OP-ICESCR) as well as the national campaign within ESCR network of Peoples’ Organizations (POs) and NGOs.

FIAN Philippines is actively involved in campaigns, actions and movements addressing the effective implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) in collaboration with other local civil society organizations, people’s organizations and non-governmental organizations.

FIAN Philippines takes the lead in the current campaign by the National Food Coalition (NFC) for the passage of the Right to Adequate Food (RTAF) Framework Bill , aiming to protect the right to adequate food and to end hunger in the Philippines within a period of ten years. The bill provides a framework in which the right to adequate food may be realized and makes clear that adequate food is not a matter of charity but a human right of all Filipinos and a legal duty of the State.